Ako Help Desk Number

What is Ako Help Desk Number?

The ako help desk number is a number that helps individuals in the army. Ako stands for Army knowledge online and is a service that provides the Army of the United States with Intranet services, email and web portal services.

ako help desk number

The service was created in the early 1990’s and has gone through several changes over the years to perfect the service the name started out as A2OL but it was too similar to AOL so the name was changed to Ako. The service has also gone through many leaders but has remained a service used to keep the Army cadet informed. The ako is a global intranet and makes sure that each active member of the United States Army stays informed and on top of all the current information. The ako system is used for security purposes so it is in the best interest of the cadet not to share important information with persons outside of the military. The help number should be used if the cadet is confused about something they received or needs more information on the subject. The Internet service is like an ordinary service except it is more heavily monitored and is more secure. Most Army cadets prefer using this service for their day to day activities. The cadet can also contact the ako help desk phone number if they would like more information on the security services regarding the ako service.

The ako help desk phone number is one that every army personal should have knowledge about. Cadets in the service are required to register at the website and will receive an ID number. Also, with the ako phone number, the cadet is able to access their account from any computer as long as they have their password. Non-contracted cadets are also encouraged to register for the ako help desk number, but must have a sponsor at this time.

Updated Ako Help Desk Number

An army cadet can find the ako help desk phone number on the ako accounts page. The updated ako phone number is 1-877-256-8737. This number is only for the cadets and should not be used by any civilians. The accounts are currently updated each month and must be kept current, meaning the cadet needs to log in at least once a month. The cadet should make sure that their social security number is accurate as well as their date of birth.

The cadet can also use the ako phone number if they are experiencing any issues when they sign up for the service. When the cadet signs up they will be asked for personal information, if they feel uncomfortable providing this for any reason they are encouraged to contact the ako help desk number. The person on the other end is an expert in all areas concerning the service. Before the cadet signs up they should review the user terms to make sure they know what they are signing up for and any consequences related in case the service is abused or is not used correctly.