Registering an AKO Account – here’s how!

If you wish to complete your AKO Account registration you will need to be in possession of a CAC, a Common Issue Card, which is issued by the military to members of the US army. This is necessary for you to set up an Army Online Account. If you have this card, you can have secure clearance into the networks, and websites of the US Department of Defense. If, for some reason, you do not have the CAC card, the alternative is to use your Social Security number or your Foreign Identification number in registering.

This is merely to verify your identity to the Department of Defense and gain clearance to access your mail. The AKO Account registration process is restricted to certain people only: to army officials and to civilians affiliated to the Army, such as civilian employees in the US army. Note that you are only permitted to register an account for yourself alone. The US military strictly forbids you to enact an AKO Account registration for an unauthorized person. Thus, if someone wishes to get an AKO account through you, it is goo to honorably decline instead of facing stiff penalties you could have avoided.

Using your Social Security Number, register for your Ako account. Log on to the US Army Knowledge Online website and go to the registration link and click. Note that this method is to be used if you are a member of the army without a CAC. If you have the common Issue card, then this method is just a tedious process.

If you wish to start your AKO Account registration and you have a CAC, then go buy a CAC reader, that is if you haven’t already gotten one before. When you buy the card, install the driver of the CAC reader. This done, insert your card, and the reader will read your details and verify your identity from the card. There are basically two kinds of card readers to be purchased which include the BSB – based card reader and the PCMIA-slot card reader.

To ensure that your card reader can communicate and interact effectively with a CAC-powered website, you will need to install a Lightweight Portable Security Software. You can easily download this installer from the webpage of the Software Protection Initiative. If you have a copy of the most recent Army Active Client software, it is advisable that you use this in your registration.

Using your Firefox browser, log on to the Army Knowledge website. Please note that if you wish to use a Microsoft system, the computer must have the latest version of the Department of Defense’s certificates. Read the terms and conditions which are written on the landing page of the website, and click the “I Agree” button.

To complete the registration process, click on the “Register with CAC” button. If your CAC reader confirms with the DoD that it is a verifiable card proving your identity your registration would be approved and you would have an active army account.

This is a fairly simple process, and while using the Common Issue card may prove a bit technical, it should not be too much trouble to get your AKO Account registration underway. If, however, you have experienced any form of hindrance or difficulty, there is always the AKO help desk to put you through.

You can use AKO help desk phone number if you have tried repeatedly to register with your AKO Common Issue Card, and you are having a problem logging in. the Help desk would guide you on what to do to complete the AKO Account registration.