AKO Beta Mail – Value Added Communication on the AKO Platform!

AKO Beta Mail was created to be used as an evaluating system for the innovative products that are designed to be used by the US Armed forces. Created by the Advanced Technologies (AT) program which is responsible for the Armed forces CIO’s technology innovation and evolving technology test and evaluating point. Advanced technology was established to influence the technical thoughts and ideas of the leaders of the Armed forces, not only influence the thoughts of the armed forces, they are also to leverage that of the Department of Defense service apparatus, coalition and commercial products and also developers in order to organize and conduct innovative collaborations and critical thinking strategies in the areas of present, future and forthcoming Armed forces Information Technology projects. This was done to take care of the information technological needs of the US armed forces.

More so, Advanced Technologies will help you analyze evolving technologies that supports the technological infrastructure of the Army Enterprise in direct aid and support of the emerging transformational armed forces. Advanced Technologies is also responsible for providing technical support and control in the process of developing information technology protocols and governance. They are also involved in conducting evangelistic and critical thinking that are to be used in Research, Development, Test and Evaluation(RDT&E) strategies for the technical thoughts of the Army CIO and Army Chief of Staff.

AKO Beta Mail

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Furthermore, Advanced Technologies was also established to be responsible for making the various technological needs of the ako help desk known to designated product developers and supervisors in a bid to practically work towards making their products compliant to the requirements of the armed forces.

AKO beta mail was to be used to evaluate various platforms and its use will continuously evolve to support the quality of the emerging innovative products for the Army and also be used for the platforms that are meant to be used in the DISA Cloud. Therefore, the AKO beta mail will continue to be used for this evaluating task and the reviews of its users are to be used for the evaluation projects.

Advanced Technologies designed the AKO beta Mail to provide web-enabled Army Knowledge Online forwarded calendaring, e-mail services and Army Global Address List (GAL) access for an evaluating group of approximately 7,000 armed forces users. It provides hands-on experience to the emerging innovative email technologies. This opportunity is being provided by Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service pack 1 in recent times. This is to enable users to have the opportunity of providing direct feedback on evolving technologies from them to the product vendors and manufacturers directly and also initiate specific armed forces technological requirements.

It is noteworthy that the AKO beta mail messaging system was not designed to be a full and complete production email system. It is designed with a pre-production code which is meant to be software that waits to be released for public use and the beta mail software is to be updated constantly when new evaluating codes are available. So, the AKO beta mail as an evaluating program has the possibility of unexpected downtime and outages. This makes this system not to be the best fit for your primary or mission critical system. They are to be used for mails that are to be used for mere emails that are not meant to keep your important mails.

In order to make access easier to users, the AKO Beta Mail team has added the functionality that will enable cadets who make use of CAC to reset their access passwords online. As for the non-CAC users they have to contact the support team if they are interested in resetting their passwords.