Getting AKO certificates

When it comes to the Military, you need to know that keeping records of all your papers including the AKO certificates is paramount. This is the best advice a cadet could be given because certifying papers in the military are always very useful for several things. You may be called anytime to submit all your credentials for promotion or just mere scrutiny and if your papers are nowhere to be found you know what comes after that. To be realistic, several papers get lost or misplaced or in some cases, you may not have collected the paper or requested for it but not delivered. So, any of your papers that gets into your hand should be kept safe, make five or more extra copies of it and should be kept in separate binders.

If you are interested in obtaining your Army Knowledge Online certificates, you’ll have to be very ready to make several contacts and networking.

In your bid to tracking your AKO help desk certificates, the first thing you will have to do is to contact your training room NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer). This should be your first point of call and if you have left the service of the US army, then you will have to make a contact to your old unit where you will be directed to the training room in order to know if your records are still very much with them. If you are on active duty of the US armed forces, then you need to contact the S1 shop. S1 shops are shops that are responsible for handling all personnel matters such as records of each cadet and their paperwork in each battalion. For those who are in National Guide or Reserves and they cannot find their records in S1,then they are advised to contact their First Sergeant and for those who have left the army service and are now civilians they are advised to check the unit they have worked with before they left the service.

ako Certificates

After all the above, then you are on your way to obtaining your AKO certificates. The next step is for you to directly go to the place where you had your training certificate. If you are interested in obtaining just a basic training certificate, you are advised to make a contact to the basic training institute where you were trained. As for those who are interested in obtaining the Combat Lifesaver certificate, they are to contact the unit where they have the combat lifesaver training or they should contact the clinic. After making your contact of choice, then you need to go to the official website of Army Knowledge Online and log in to your Army Knowledge Online account with your username and password to have access into your account. After this, then you will click on the ‘Self Service’ button and from the drop down menu that will be shown, select ‘My personnel’. A new page comes up, check the right hand side of the page and move your mouse to the ‘See My Entire OMPF. OMPF is the acronym for Official Military Personnel File. It contains all your military records. So, clicking on the button takes you directly into your military records.

Voila! You have all your records and from here you will be able to download your AKO certificates. But, if you have left the military service and you no longer operate an Army Knowledge Online account, then you will have to contact the National Archives. The National Archives are the last resort that can help you with your records. You can get in contact with them in order to make a request of a copy of your records through their official website and if it is to be requested for you by someone else they will have to obtain the Standard Form 180 which they must fill out before they can collect your records for you.

This is a comprehensive guide on how you can obtain your AKO certificates and other records from the Army Knowledge online (AKO).