AKO Education – Free-of-Charge!

The US army workforce has been given the opportunity of learning at no cost in special computer based training under the AKO Education system. This is to make them have access to various information technology, business and personal development courses that are useful for them to earn promotion points and college credits. This has been tagged Army e-learning. This is offered at no cost to all cadets and their organizations, members of the National Guard or Reserves, all active duty soldiers, Department of the Army civilian employees, the ROTC cadets and the USMA. They have an ample opportunity to more than 5000 information Technology and other courses from anywhere they are and at anytime. They have all- time opportunity to learn online.

To have access into the Army e-learning portal, you will have to obtain the Army Knowledge Online account or ako beta mail. You’ll have to do this by completing your registration through the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS), you will need to register your certificates. In this registration, you don’t need to make use of the log on ID of ATRRS or ATRRS account in order to register. You need to check the Army e-Learning Course Catalog in order to see the available courses that are offered. There are a myriad of courses offered in the AKO Education portals.

These courses are meant to serve as promotion points for those who complete them in the armed forces. Based on the publication of the HRC Enlisted Promotions Branch, after completion of any of the vendor based e-learning courses in the Army e-learning programs, cadets have the opportunity of earning promotion points. This is valid under the military education system. It is also to be noted that all course that are completed under credit hour system are to reflect in the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) before armed forces are awarded promotion points. Also, as for correspondence courses, promotion points are awarded to army officials who enrolled and completed any of the courses under the same guidelines and regulations in which 5 training hours brings about 1 promotion point.

To earn college credits from attending and completing Army e-learning courses, the first thing you’ll have to do is to go to the official website of the Army Knowledge Online and log into your account, then go to the My Education link and from there click Army e-learning. This gives you the opportunity of getting documents that are meant to describe the processes required for you to receive the American Council on Education (ACE). The American Council on Education are responsible for accrediting Army e-learning Courses in order to obtain the courses. At present, forty Army e-learning Courses have already been approved to be eligible for college credits.

Furthermore, in order to have access to ATRRS training application that is offered by the Army e-learning, you must make sure you are an authenticated user. Those that are authorized to make use of this website are the Army Reserves, Army National Guard, and Department of the Army Active Duty, Department of the Army Civilian employees, USMA and ROTC cadets III and IV and those that are in the Department of the Army National employees. There are some users of the Army education e-learning system that are not authorized; these are retired personnel, contractors, civilians or non-army service officer and their various dependents and families.

As part of the AKO Education system, the ATRRS also established the self-development center which is responsible for providing a myriad of courses that will be of benefit to all military and Department of Defense civilian personnel. To enroll in the self-development course, cadets are not to be approved by sponsors, it is based on self-nomination. You can check the Army Knowledge online official website for details on AKO Education systems.