AKO Help Desk

AKO Help Desk

The Army Knowledge Online Help Desk is a help reference service designated to assisting the users of the intranet website provided by AKO that enables active members in the United States Army to communicate with civilians through a secure online connection. The purpose of AKO HelpDesk is to provide user friendly, expert advice and guidance to users unfamiliar with the program. It also serves as an excellent resource to those who are familiar with AKO but may still need a question answered here or there.

ako help deskUsers can also access AKO HelpDesk by calling a toll free phone number provided by AKO through which users can expect the same advice, resources, and security as the Army Knowledge Online Help Desks’ website would provide to its online visitors.In the early 1990’s the AKO Help Desk began as an outgrowth of the General Office Management Office and the out come was Americas Online A2OL however the commercial name and representation of it was a big enough concern for it to become the Army Project and although it still underwent changes in personnel as well as titles, its base focus’ remained the same: email, authentication capability, unification of data conduits, and the ability to remotely access content such as repudiation, credentials, etc.

Collaborative capabilities as well as its email are the two main focus points of Army Knowledge Online and its foundation has made available its technology process abilities to the AKO Help Desk establishments so it can be provided with the applications developed by BPM or Business Process Management which is the same developer of apps used by AKO such and Wounded Warrior.

Since all of this resides in an intranet provided through a single web porter and email, all of its users can utilize both the resources of the AKO as well as those offered by the Army Knowledge Online Help Desk with the ease of knowing that whatever information researched, shared, etc. is all being done so via one of the most secure online websites available. the AKO makes use of its services for communication purposes.

Army Knowledge Online Help Desk also provides the information necessary if you are a non-contracted cadet looking to find a sponsor so you can create an account.

The AKO is a global intranet for the United States Army so it can keep the very large workforce of Army well informed all the while securing such a massive amount of information being sent over the internet. The Help Desk is simply the best way to go if your a user and finding it hard to navigate through the Army Knowledge Online website without being sidetracked by its abundance of resources made available to you.

The requested accounts are generally validated by the monthly extracts from CCIMS and you need to make sure that the CCIMS are kept up to date and also make sure that the SSN and DOB are accurate in the records.For any information regarding this, you can contact the ako help desk phone number which is 1-877-256-8737. You can find this number on your ako account page as well and use it when you need some help using the service or find some issues while using your account.