AKO WebMail – Army Knowledge Online mail login

How to use AKO webmail has become an issue ever since some approved civilians have been given the opportunity of making use of the system for various communication needs. What exactly is AKO? AKO stands for Army knowledge Online. This is a global internal network that links US Armed forces together. This is in existence due to the massiveness of US Army workforce. The US Army is one of the biggest work force in the world and so there should be an avenue through which all of them can communicate with one another over a secured network. As we all know, the issue of security in the US Army is crucial than in any other institution or organization. This system can be accessed by any US army officer or any civilian that has one or two things to do with the US Army. They have the opportunity of exchanging information on the secured network. This intranet is used to access any kind of information, be it an image or even an email. In actual fact, a lot of army officers make use of this intranet system for their general internet needs. AKO gives the opportunity of making use of all facilities that you will make use of on an internet connection under a secured and monitored intranet connection.

Making use of AKO mail involves signing for an account, though, this is with a condition, which is that you must be a member of one of the armed services of the United States. You are about to seek for access into a much secured network and so you must be ready to release some personal details such as your passport number, driver’s license and other identification details. The signing up procedure requires you to put in your personal data such as your name, address, date of birth and some other details about yourself. If you want detailed information on how to use AKO webmail, you can always find tutorials on the official website of the US Army.

After signing up for the AKO webmail account, for you to be able to make use of it anytime, you must first of all login into the account. As I said earlier, you are accessing a very secured and monitored internet connection, you have two security levels to pass through in order to have access to the account you have created. The first huddle which you must jump over is the normal username and password that is found on all internet connections that requires authentication in order to have access to their services. This is where the username and password you created come into use. They are the requested parameter here, so make sure you keep them safe either in your head or in your diary for easy access to your account. The next level of authentication on the intranet of the US Army is the Common Access Card. This card is issued to all US armed forces members who have sign up for the email system of Army Knowledge online (AKO). This is a smart card which is released officially by the Department of Defense to every civilian employees of the US army, active armed force personnel, National Guard and other people who have one or two things to do with the US Army. This card serves as an access into the system and also serves as identity for the US Army personnel.

As I have earlier mentioned, the armed forces have one thing which tops their list of priorities, and that is the security of their valuable documents which are stored in databases of AKO webmail system. This webmail is there to give access to enable US army staff and their employees have first hand information anywhere they are in the world and this helps in disseminating information amongst them and also put United States of America in a safe and secured condition.

This should serve as a basic knowledge on how to use AKO webmail, you can learn more on the official website of the US Army.