DKO Account Registration – DoD military and government civilians

When you are in the Defense, the first thing that is necessary to take care is the DKO Account Registration that the Defense Help Desk would handle. Defense Knowledge Online has two kinds of accounts which are the full DKO account and then there is the guest account. There is need to differentiate these types of accounts so that you would understand the type of account you need to open for yourself. For those who are not going to make use of sponsorship before they can register, they are the ones that have full DKO account. This people who are opportune to have this full Defense Knowledge Online are Defense officers who are active, reserve. Retired, Contracted ROTC Cadets, Future Soldiers, DA Civilian, NAF Civilian, Medical Retired, DoD Civilian, US Coast Guard, US Air Force, National Guard, US Military Academy Cadets, US Navy and US Marine Corps. These are the only people who have full access to the Defense Knowledge Online without sponsorship because they are the properties of the American government.

There is no use of third party option like Blackberry internet services that would allow a password to be placed on an external body after DKO Account Registration. This is done to prevent a problem with breach in security. A lot of people may be wondering why such security level should be placed on a webmail. The truth is, the Defense is security conscious because their information is classified even the one that is unclassified. This means that the information that is coming in and leaving the community is closely monitored. And the place where this monitoring begins from is the login portal page of the webmail. As soon as you are here, your security details are what would allow you inside. The username may be simple to know but the password is complex because of the combination that is comprised of the password. And this is why this login portal protects a lot of people from breaking in who has no authorization.

This DKO webmail is accessed anywhere in the world and sometimes, high classified information is stored here which is why special smart cards are used for the login after DKO Account Registration. If this webmail is common, anyone can make use of it and violate some of the rules and regulations. The Defense is a sensitive part of the society that is separated from the rest of the world because they are designed to fight insecurity. And if this body have a breach in their security, fighting insecurity becomes laughable which is why after every 150 days, every password is reset to make the system safe.

It should be noted that Defense security policy does not support the use of third option in IMAP clients or electronic mail aggregators. The reason for this is to maximize the security that has been built in DKO mail system. There are restrictions that are heavily guided by software against the sharing of information with third party that can compromise the status of the American Defense. DKO Account Registration is a safe door to those who want to effectively make use of information within the Defense environment without fear of losing or leaking of information during communication. With an IMAP enabled device, you can easily login to your DKO mail account after configuration. And if your handheld mobile device does not support IMAP, there is room for download as an alternative. The reason why CAC Card Readers is used by the Defense is because of security measures. The highest priority of the United States of America Defense system is maintaining the information that flows in and out of the Defense community.