How to maintain content on the AKO/DKO portal

Review the following table of contents to view all the FAQs on maintaining content within the AKO/DKO portal. Click on the subject to go to the FAQ related to the subject.



  • Create a Page
  • Edit a Page
  • Delete a Page
  • Channel Guide
  • Page Branding
  • Page Options
  • Page Properties
  • Contact Administrators
  • Display HTML
  • Create Related Page
  • Edit Profile Page



  • My Group
  • Team Group
  • Community Group
  • Organizational Group
  • Rules-Based Groups
  • Remove Myself from a group
  • How are group members ordered?
  • Delete a Group

Sites and Content Maintenance

  • Create and Manage Content
  • Organizations
  • Delete a Site
  • ALARACT 147/2007-AKO Content Security