How to reach the rank in the army

Once you have joined the U.S. Army you have already reached the rank-rank lowest with the lowest salary. Achieve the rank in the military means to win a higher rank or in terms of civilians, getting promoted. With advances in military come higher pay, more responsibility and usually respect. Many factors contributing to a member of the army, among them education, weapons qualification, physical fitness and leadership.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Take college courses while you are in the army. “Hours after college-credit points for promotions. For every hour … credit you in college, it counts as 1.5 points promotions in the army.

Staying in good physical shape. To get promoted in the army, you must have a good score on the physical fitness test. The test will determine how fast you can do sit-ups and pumps and the speed with which you can run 2 miles.

Develop your skills and experience with your personal weapon. You will be tested on how you use your weapon. The higher your score, the more promotion points you will receive. For example, while scores ranging from weapon to weapon, the lowest score ever give you only 14 promotion points and the highest score will give you 50.

Create an online account military knowledge (AKO) and begin to take correspondence courses online, according to the specifications of the Army. This course is an easy way to earn promotion points more.

Win a prize while in the army. More military scholarships have just been an exemplary soldier. For example, a price will conduct a hardworking soldier who works well with others, respects his commanders and sets an example for others.

Tips & Warnings

There is a minimum time requirement in quality for 4 months promoting a first class soldier and a specialist. When it comes to senior level enlisted members of the military, there are quotas for categories of employment, or military occupational specialties.