How to reset the AKO password and phone number

AKO (for its acronym in English, army knowledge online ) is the main Intranet U.S. Army, which is accessed through the public website of the army. AKO is considered the largest corporate intranet in the world and currently serves over 2 million registered users. The system offers simple access AKO log over 300 applications and services for military personnel. AKO Password Reset is a simple process, provided you follow a few steps.

First – Access to the email address you used to set up the account

AKO Password Reset

  1. Go to AKO homepage using your web browser (see References).
  2. Click the icon AKO located in the lower left of the page.
  3. Click the link to reset your password. This link is located just below the login box.
  4. This opens a new window that will ask your AKO username or external email address you used to register .

You will have three options to reset your password. Choose one to re-access the AKO system:

  • Option 1 is reset your password using your CAC (for its acronym in English, Common Access Card). You entered this information when you signed up on AKO.
  • Option 2 is reset your password via email. It will send a message to the address that you used for the initial registration process. Once you have received the email, follow the simple instructions to reset your password.
  • Option 3 is to reset your password correctly answering the security questions and challenges you set when you created your account.
  • Option 4 is to use Ako Help Desk Number and contact support.